東洋機械株式会社 東洋機械通商株式会社 代表取締役社長 澤田力哉

Message from the President

Toyo Machinery started in 1943 with the production of a cloth guider that kept both ends of the fabric at a fixed position.

At present, as a "web guiding and web expanding professional group", dozens of products have been developed and manufactured through more than 70 years of achievements and experience as well as flexible creativity.
And as a manufacturer of web guiding equipment and web expanding devices for all sheet-like materials such as cloth, film, non-woven fabric, leather, rubber sheets, and paper, we have contributed to the improvement of sheet-like product processing productivity not only in Japan but also in 54 other countries around the world.

Supporting this is our technical capabilities and our eagerness to “satisfy all customers”.

By seriously addressing the customer's voice, such as "I want to do this..." or "I'm having a problem with this...", we have overcome the strict conditions and we will continue to create customized products that will satisfy our valued customers, which are not found in mass-produced standard products.

Rikiya Sawada


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