Cloth Guiders, Knit Guiders

Cloth Guider

Nip both ends of the web with rollers and align the web at the center by the repeating action of opening and closing movement of the rollers. Electric type and pneumatic type are available, and we offer different models depending on the environment and location condition of application.

Electric type

- S2-DC,HW2

This type uses a DC magnet. Power supply can be selected from 100V, 200 / 220V.

Pneumatic type

- PN-4/10/12/50

This type uses air. The pressure between rollers can be adjusted.

Knit Guider

- TGーA

Knit Guider is designed for knitted goods whose selvages tend to curl such as tricots and jerseys.

Ring Guider

- RIG-10

This device expands the width of a tubular knit while keeping it tubular.

Adjusting Bridge

- SB-65

Mount the Cloth Guider or Knit Guider, and adjust the position of the guider by turning the handle according to the sheet width.


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