Web Expanders

Pinch Expander

- PEX-12

Eliminates vertical wrinkles that occur on a running web. By pinching both ends of the web with rollers and making an angle to the direction of travel, a force is generated that spreads the web outward. Besides the standard length of 100mm, 50mm and 150mm rollers are also available. The roller material can also be changed to fluorine rubber, silicon rubber, etc. Various models are available according to the type of web and installation location.

TK Expander Roller

- EXR-10/20/30/40/45/50

8 slide bars (or slat rubber) are arranged on the circumference of the roller, and they horizontally move outward while rotating due to the inclination of the slant unit incorporated inside.

TK Screw Roller

- TK Screw Roller

SUS304 fins (blades) are distributed and welded at the center. It is mainly used for cloths, and a strong widening effect can be obtained by forcibly driving it with a motor. Various types of roller tube outer diameter and fin height are available. There is also a type in which the motor and Screw Rollers are combined to become a unit.

Curved Expander Roller


A tube-shaped rubber is wrapped around on the circumference of bearings lined up on a bow-shaped shaft.

FS Roller

- FS-1/2

The calculated angles and grooves are distributed to the center of the very soft NBR rubber. The roller surface bends outward in the direction of the groove angle by the web pressure, eliminating the fine vertical wrinkles. Built-in bearing type and external bearing type are available.


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